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    Apple Tree Studio was established in May 2001 in Bedford, Kentucky.  Having moved to Kentucky from Atlanta, Georgia in 1997, Vickie Eldridge began teaching art in grades K-3 in a nearby school district.  “I love working with the children and can’t imagine a week without them, but I was missing the interaction with adult art students”.
   Vickie assisted in reorganizing the Trimble County Arts Council where she discovered a number of adults who were interested in Oil Painting and Drawing Classes. “I also wanted a place to paint, draw, and create handmade books."

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   The studio has grown over the past 16 years to two Oil, one WC and several children's classes where Vickie guides students in a variety of techniques  to suit the media being used.  She also teaches color theory and  the principles of design to create a successful composition. 
   "Not only are the students creating beautiful artwork, but they are also able to slow down the pace a bit as they create, visit, and talk about their artwork with others who share the same interest.  There is so much value in the creative process"!
    For those who desire to express themselves creatively, but cannot attend weekly classes, we offer special workshops throughout the year to include: “Handmade Paper” Quilts, Drawing Portraits, Beginning Drawing, and Beginning WC.  Traditional Baskets are taught by Diana Sharber. These workshops are perfect for a "Girls' Day Out", Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, etc.  Click "workshops/events" for info or email us if you want to book a special art workshop for your family or friends.
Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Scatter Joy!”
                                            We do just that at Apple Tree Studio!

Click on Vickie's artwork below to view her gallery...........................................
"Deliciously Red" WC  16x20
"Fern Song" WC 16X20
"Hot Pink" WC & Pen  11x14
"Homeplace"  WC & Pen 16x20
"Daydream" part 2 ..see previous
"Daydreams" part 1 diptych  WC..part 1 & 2  $350
Framed and matted w glass
individually 13x22
"Morton Ridge Blues"  WC 16x20

"Mabel's Rooster"  Oil 
Private collection..  sold
"Coneflower"  WC

"Sowing Her Quilt"  WC

"Southern Trilogy 1"  oil

Collection of Trimble County Library
Southern Trilogy 2"  Oil

Private Collection..
Trimble County Library
"Southern Trilogy 3  Oil

Private Collection...Trimble County Library
"Two Grannies"  WC/pen

11x14  Framed & Matted/
"Adam and Grandma's Cat"
Oil  18x24

"Le Mutt"  Pen/WC

Joshua's Cookies"  Graphite

"Adam & Mr. Monkey" Graphite
"Gus's Old Pear Tree"
Pleine Aire..Pen & Ink

"Smokies..Little River"  Oil
11x14  matted &framed

Pleine Aire....$225
"Georgia Wake-up"
Pastel/Pen  24x30

"Milton-Madison Bridge"  1928-2012   Oil

Prints available
"Josh's Bedtime"  Graphite

"Becky's Persimmons"  Oil

Private Collection
Handmade Books......
"Welcome to Your Library" WC

Private Collection
"Lanier Lily"  Oil on Canvas              36"x46"

Framed in Dk Cherry Wood Frame

"I Will Go Before You and Make The Crooked Path Straight.."
Isaiah 45:2a

Chalk Pastel on Mi Tientes Paper
unframed  15"x25"
"Studio Petunias"  WC  9"x12"

"Old Fashioned Hollyhock" WC 

  Greeting Card
"Purple Pansy"  WC 

   Greeting Card
"Cone Flower" Oil  4"x6"

 Framed in wide profile 
     gold frame

"The Princess & The Pony                    ..Halloween 2006"

Private Collection
"The Bohannon Barn at Clearwater in McMinn County, TN"

  Graphite, Private collection
"Julie's Kids"  

 Private Collection
"Stately Quilts" at Stately Oaks Plantation in Jonesboro, GA

WC with Ink

Private Collection
Christmas Card 

Colored Pencil
"Studio Begonias"  WC/Pen & Ink

      In the collection of the 
     Trimble County Library
"Poinsettia"  WC

  Greeting Card
"Trimble County, KY Apple Festival"   Oil on canvas

Private Collection